rvcampr was created by travelers who began their journey on a dare. Our goal is to save you time and reduce the stress of shopping around, whether you are looking for products, services, or gifts for people you love.

Julian and RJ, two high school buddies who thought it’ll be a good idea to drive cross country with family and friends.

Not only did they bring people along the dare was “I dare you to reach out to 10 people you haven’t spoken to in over 5 years and see if you can crash on their couch”

They’d both attended boarding school in CT, extracurricular programs across the country, and College; Julian went to UVM and RJ got his bachelor’s at NEU. So they took to their phones and text a bunch of people they’ve met over the years.

We are not on the road now, but rvcampr was created in the aftermath of their trip.

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