3 Factors: Can You Run RV Generator While Driving?

Can You Run RV Generator While Driving? Yup, you sure can.

The 3 factors are weather, timing, and distance. In this post, we dive just a little deeper into that question along with a few other frequently asked questions about generators.

Plus, links to the best and quietest RV generators.

Some of the questions are: “How far away should a generator be from an RV?”, “Can you run a generator in the rain?” and “Can you drive an RV with the propane generator on?”

Can You Run RV Generator While Driving

Can You Run RV Generator While Driving?

Yes, you can run an RV generator while driving. It’s absolutely safe and will allow you to run all of your major appliances at the same time. It isn’t the most fuel-efficient way to drive your RV, you and any passengers will be very comfortable.

The generator powers the rooftop AC, refrigerator, microwave, electric water heater, and TVs. And, you may have a need to run all or some of these appliances while driving.

Can you run a portable generator while driving an RV? You should not run a portable generator while driving an RV. a portable generator needs to be located outside of the RV or travel trailer so you don’t fill your RV up with exhaust fumes.

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Should You Run The Generator While Driving An RV?

Naturally, if you’re pondering on “Can You Run RV Generator While Driving” you are also wondering “Should I?”. You should run the RV generator while driving if you have an RV with a rooftop AC, electric refrigerator, and /or water heater.

Those with a cross-country drive ahead of you through hot terrain, you could get to your destination to find a stale fridge, tepid water in the shower, and a boiling hot interior that takes all night to finally cool down.

With most motorhomes, the dash AC or a portable RV AC just isn’t strong enough to keep the entire RV cool.

How Far Away Should A Generator Be From An RV? 10 feet away. A portable generator should be 10 ft away from any windows on your RV. Never put it under the RV.

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Can You Run A Generator In The Rain?

Yes, you can run a generator in the rain but you need to take precautions. To protect your generator from moisture, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends operating it on a dry surface under an open, canopy-like structure.

How Do I Protect My Portable Generator From Rain?

What Happens If A Generator Gets Wet? You should avoid letting a generator gets wet. If one gets wet, it can easily lead to an explosion or electrocution. This could not only hurt somebody nearby, but it could permanently damage your generator and anything around it.

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Can You Drive An RV With The Propane Generator On?

Yes, you can drive an RV with the propane generator on. But, If the generator is propane-fueled then you will need to be aware of state or local laws that may prohibit the use of propane while driving.

Certain jurisdictions may have rules against running propane or even carrying propane on board, certain roads, bridges, or tunnels.

Wrapping Up: Can You Run RV Generator While Driving

So, Can You Run RV Generator While Driving? or Can I run my RV generator all night? RVers run their generator while driving their RV and we have never had any problems. And you can run an RV generator all night.

With the right generator and the right precautions, you can be happily situated with a powered RV whether boondocking or parked in a camp or on the road.


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