7 Steps: How To Get Rid Of A Poop Pyramid In RV Black Tank


To a poop filled clog in your RV toilet. So, we are here to figure out How To Get Rid Of A Poop Pyramid In RV Black Tank.

It’s such a hassle like any other clog but in small spaces which some of our campers are- it’s the worst.

Unclogging your RV toilet comes down to breaking the solid waste in your black tank and flushing it out. Remember the RV black tank is different from the freshwater tank. See reviews on the best RV portable waste tank

We have 5 simple steps for “how to get rid of a poop pyramid in RV black tank” below. We also provided 5 more methods to get rid of poop pyramids, so find which method or steps suit you.

Be cautious and wear gloves.

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What Is A Poop Pyramid?

A poop pyramid is the accumulation of solid waste buildup in a black tank. It starts in a vertical pile and begins building up toward the toilet.
How To Get Rid Of A Poop Pyramid In RV Black Tank

How To Get Rid Of A Poop Pyramid In RV Black Tank:

Step 1: Close The Black Tank Valve

Step 2: Clean the Tank– You can buy a septic system powder, like Rid-X, and throw it down the tank. You can dump Rid-X down the system once a month and it will also prevent poop pyramids.

Step 3: Add Several Gallons of Water – Once you’ve allowed the tank cleaner to do its thing for a few hours add water to your tank.

Step 4: *If the water tank is too full– Try knocking out the top of the pyramid with a pipe. A PEX pipe to be specific. It’s a flexible pipe.

Step 5: Back on track- Open tank valve and dump

Step 6: Run Tank Rinser

Step 7: Close black valve and keep it closed until dumping

Why Is This Poop Pyramid Happening?

Since most RV toilets connect directly to the black tank, anything in the toilet drops straight into th black tank when you flush.
Also, there can be an absence of an adequate amount of water or liquid for it to function properly.
Sometimes that lake of liquids occurs because there is a leak in the black tank.
Hence, a black tank poop pyramid forms and hardens.

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Other Methods To Get Rid Of Poop Pyramids?

  • Flush King: It’s basically a reverse flush valve attachment that hooks to your sewer connection.
  • Organic Treatment: You can grab Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment.
  • Water and Ice: Take your RV for a ride! Get 4 to 5 bags of ice, dump it directly into the tank, and drive. The agitation from the ice will break up the solid buildup.
  • Chemical Treatment: Want to avoid fishing around in the toilet? these chemicals can do the job efficiently: Camco’s TST Treatment Drop-Ins and Thetford Aqua-Kem RV Holding Treatment.
  • Swivel Stick: It’s an extension that dispenses pressurized water in a rotary method. You can control the pressure and will be breaking down the solids on your way down the pipe too.
  • See How To Unclog a RV Toilet Holding Tank?
  • Also, see the best rv dump hose

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Cheers! To A Poop Pyramid Free RV Tank

When it’s all said it done make sure you take steps to prevent the clogging. Here are some preventative tasks:

Still, if you are knee-deep in it now a little elbow grease and some assistance will get the job done. Also, remember to be a good neighbor and share this “How To Get Rid Of A Poop Pyramid In RV Black Tank” post with any newbies you may know, or someone you think is forgetful.

Thanks. Be Safe!


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