7 Steps: How To Connect a Gas Grill to an RV

Howdy! Here we are going over steps on how to connect a gas grill to an RV, along with a detailed video by the RV Geeks and a list of supplies you want to make sure you have to accomplish connecting your gas grill.

Credit: RV Geeks

If that video isn’t helpful, try these steps below.

How To Connect a Gas Grill to an RV

Step 1: Remove rust on your RV propane regulator.

Step 2: Use the 7/16 wrench and 3/8 wrench to dismantle the connection between the regulator hose and the valve. You can get a little bit of gas as you take this off if it has been pressurized before.

Step 3: Assemble the external propane tank adapter into a vacant position that you have just dismantled on step 2. A normal tool often has 4 positions in different ways to connect the hoses and valves.

  • On the right of the adapter is a place that used to connect the RV propane regulator. On the left of this tool is used to link a valve of RV. On top of it used to connect a gas grill. The last position is used to assemble external propane.

Step 4: After you assemble the adapter and know exactly the positions to connect the hoses. It would be best if you equipped a small box covering the regulator to protect it.

Step 5: Use wrenches 9/16 and 7/16 to tightly the regular lefty loosey. We must worry about gas leaking so that we have to check it once more time.

Step 6: Turn the gas on and we are going to use the leak detector and spray it on assembled positions. If we have any leaks, we will see some bubbling. Otherwise, turn the valve of gas off and use the tissue to wipe off the solution.

Step 7: Use the short hose to connect a portable propane tank. Use a 12-footer length of the long hose to attach between the top pieces of the tank and end into your gas grill. Now check everything and start your grill!

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Shopping List From The RV Geeks Video

  • Grill portable stand
  • Extend-A-Stay with 12′ Extension Hose
  • 1″-20 Female Throwaway Cylinder Thread x 1/4″ Male Pipe Thread Adapters – you’ll need two
  • 15psi Propane Regulator (provides plenty of pressure for our 24′-long hose, but prevents oil build-up)
  • 1/4″ NPT Brass Male-to-Male Nipple
  • 1″-20 Male Throwaway Cylinder Thread x 1/4″ Female Pipe Thread Adapters – you’ll need two
  • 12′ Propane Extension Hose (if you need more than the one that’s already included with the Extend-A-Stay)
  • 1.5″ Desk Hole Grommet (you only need this and a 1.5 hole saw if you’re going to cut through a panel as they did)
  • Propane 1/4″ High-Pressure Quick Connect – Female with Shutoff Valve
  • Propane 1/4″ High-Pressure Quick Connect – Male
  • Yellow Gas/PTFE Tape(YELLOW for propane. Use 4 0r 5 wraps on all threaded connections)
  • Weber Q1000 Portable Grill (Manual igniter. )
  • Rolling cart for Weber Q1000
  • Cover for Weber Q1000
  • Table Kit for Weber Q100
How To Connect a Gas Grill to an RV

Enjoy Your BBQ!

Have an RV without a regulator? check this article. Now you know “How To Connect a Gas Grill to an RV” so, be safe and keep your drinking water fresh!


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