3 Best 12 Volt Coffee Maker Reviews For RV’s and Camping

Here we scope out the best 12 volt coffee makers and in the world of travel coffee makers, there are a few to consider.

On the road caffeine fixes are essential whether your RVing, Backpacking, Van Living, Boondocking, or lightweight camping.

Craving a cup of Joe on the go, we narrowed it down to 4 (we have a bonus!) that can fit a couple of outdoor categories.

And we show you how to froth milk if you like to get a little fancy.

Quick Top 3 Picks: Best 12 Volt Coffee Maker

12 Volt Coffee Maker Reviews

How Do You Froth Milk When Camping?

Here are two frothing while camping options (We love options)

Option One: DIY Frothing Milk While Camping

Things You Need:

  • Milk
  • A tightly sealed container (a plastic bottle will work perfectly)
  • A pot for heating


  • Milk
  • A tightly sealed container (a plastic bottle will work perfectly)
  • A pot for heating

Option Two: Purchase a 12v milk frother made for camping and off-roading like these three:

  • Miroco Stainless Steel Milk Steamer & Frother
  • Zulay Original Handheld Milk Frother and Foam Maker
  • Breville Stainless Steel Milk Cafe Milk Frother

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Why Use a 12 Volt Coffee Maker?

Because 12-volt coffee makers come in handy when hitting the road or jumping off the grid. You can take them along when RVing, backpacking, trucking, camping, hiking, etc.

Some are suited for RVs or boats with a family of coffee drinkers on board. Others are designed for lone road warriors who want to be able to brew a quick cup of coffee at any time.

It’s a portable gadget that will reduce pitstops and keep you caffeinated on the go. Why not?

Best 12 Volt Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine:

Top tier, and one of the best 12volt coffee makers for camping, hiking, and boondocking. It will brew you a 45ml espresso on the go. If you are on a budget but absolutely demand a proper espresso, this is the coffee maker for you.

The Wacaco Minipresso weighs 350g so it won’t be a burden on your back at all. It’s a pretty simple coffee-making process too.

You just put a capsule into the coffee maker and screw down the head of the Minipresso tightly. Next, you have to add boiling water to the tank and then screw the body of the machine and the tank together.

Be mindful when taking the pods out, do it over a sink because they may leak. The pumping action is a bit stiffer than its competitors, but the underlying mechanism is durable and easy to clean.


  • Portable and Easy To Use Anywhere
  • Simple Process
  • No Paper Filter Needed
  • Built In Mug
  • Ground Coffeee and Nespresso Pods


  • It May Leak
  • Requires Some Strength to Pump
  • Doesn’t heat water
  • Not For Groups

2. Conqueco Portable 12 Volt Espresso Maker:

Since 2009, CONQUECO has been known for its high-quality line of heated apparel. They did not drop the ball with this one.

Its ability to boil water makes it ideal for any situation, anywhere you plan to travel. If you have cold water just pour it in, press, and hold for 2 seconds, finally the Conqueco will brew up your coffee in a jiffy ( 8-12 minutes).

Adding hot water to the coffee maker will result in near-instant espresso. It has a heating disc in the water chamber that can heat water up to 190 degrees F (90 degrees C).

You can make 2-3 cups of espresso shots at a time before having to recharge the battery.

It’s clear to see why the Conquenci Portable is in the top 3 Best 12 volt Coffee Makers for RVs, camping, and all other outside activities.


  • 15 Bar Pressure PumpMakes Dense and Rich Espresso
  • Boil Water Function
  • Rechargeable Source of Power
  • Automated Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Lightweight


  • Boil Time with Cold Water
  • Pods Only
  • Not Cheap

3. Makita 12 Volt Cordless Coffee Maker:

Time to hear the final best 12 volt coffee maker review. Last but not least, The Makita has a permanent drip filter pre-installed. No need to use any paper filters.

All you have to do is pour the coffee grounds into the front compartment, fill up the removable water reservoir on the top, and start it up.

It can brew a 5 oz cup of coffee in 5 minutes and if you use an 18 volt battery you can make up to 3 cups of coffee on a single charge.


  • Battery Powered
  • Lightweight at 4.8 lbs with the battery attached
  • Swappable batteries
  • No Filter Needed
  • Auto Shut Off


  • Battery Sold Separately
  • Quickly runs out of battery
  • Doesn’t make large batches of coffee at a time

The Bonus: MobiBrewer 2.0 Portable Coffee Maker

The MobiBrewer is a lightweight (1.34 lbs), sleek, single-serve travel mug and coffee maker. Adding another level of convenience, it uses K-cups, making it a perfect coffee maker for camping, hiking, and other on-the-go activities.

It also includes a filter basket if you want to use coffee grounds.

Your options to power this coffee maker are a 12-volt car adapter included in the package, and you can purchase a wall adapter.

Brewing time takes close to 10 minutes with room temperature water; faster with warmer water.


  • Use K-Cups or ground coffee
  • Quick to brew
  • 12v auto adapter included (wall outlet adapter sold separately)
  • Large Water Chamber (9 oz)


  • Costs A Pretty Penny
  • Lithium-ion Battery Life

Things To Consider and Look For In a 12 Volt (Pros and Cons )

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A 12V Coffee Maker? A 12v coffee maker is a specially designed coffee maker that is low power, lightweight, and portable so your cup of jow fix is met no matter what you are doing.

While cruising, you can plug it in in your RV, car, or boat. You can also charge it before walking off.

Also, you can have it ready whenever you see fit. There really isn’t much into what you need in a 12V coffee maker.

Overall Pros

  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Pack and Carry
  • Easy To Heat

Overall Cons

  • Heat Time
  • Water Holder
  • Charge Time

The interesting thing is that the 12v cons are based on what you need a 12v coffee maker.

They are small and lightweight cause you need to be able to carry them around without issue. Because it is smaller, you will have a smaller battery which means slower heating time and battery time.

You should also expect it to cost more.

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What Size Inverter Do I Need to Run a Coffee Maker?

You should have a 1000 watt inverter to cover all bases. Most coffee makers, 8 or 12-cup coffee makers require 750 watts.

An espresso machine will use 2x that amount.

Can a 12-volt Coffee Machine be Plugged into a 110 volt System?

No, it would help if you didn’t use a 12 volt coffee machine inside of a 110-volt system.

Mugs Up!

We are confident that your search for the best 12-volt coffee maker will end with the makers we reviewed above.

Enjoy your coffee and be safe out there!

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