7 Non-Electric Pour Over Drip Coffee Makers for Camping

When you’re out on the trail, you still crave a good cup of Joe, so we reviewed 7 non-electric coffee makers and found the Eureka Camp Coffee Maker to be the best drip coffee maker for camping.

Drip coffee makers for camping come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are large and durable, while others collapse on themselves and can easily fit into a backpack.

Others are perfect at the campground and brew batches large enough to satisfy your entire hiking group, and some drip coffee makers for camping are ideal for making that perfect single cup while you sit alone on the mountaintop watching the sunrise.

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Drip Coffee Makers for Camping

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall:Eureka Camp Coffee Maker

Through our research and testing, we found that Eureka Camp Coffee Makers are the best overall drip coffee makers for camping because it features high-quality materials and its 12-cup brewing capacity is perfect for larger groups.

Best For Solo Camper:Primula Coffee Brew Buddies

The Primula Coffee Brew Buddies is another pour over drip coffee makers for camping that is perfect for the solo-hiker, due to being easily packable and filterless.

Best Tasting: Clever Coffee Maker

For those who are uncompromising on taste, the Clever Coffee Maker is a pour over drip coffee maker that brews up a quality cup of coffee thanks to a handy mechanism that allows you to control the coffee steeping process.

How Do You Make Camping Coffee Without Electricity?

No electricity? No problem. Making coffee without electricity while you’re out in the wild is simple if you’ve brought a camping stove along with you.

Simply heat water over the camping stove and pour it into your best non electric coffee maker for camping.

7 Best Non Electric Coffee Maker for Camping Reviews

1. Eureka Camp Coffee Maker

The Eureka Camp Coffee Maker is an all-in-one camp coffee maker system. It comes with a boiling kettle, filter holder, scooper, and serving carafe. The entire system nests inside itself.

Eureka Flux Ring technology, found on the kettle’s base, boils water twice as fast as a regular kettle.

This non-electric coffee maker is coated in silicone, making it easy to handle your hot beverages while you’re sitting around your campfire. It’s by far the most expensive camp coffee maker on our list.

Eureka coffee maker makes 12 cups, so it’s perfect for families or large camping groups.

Large brewing capacity
Flux Ring technology
Quality components that fit together easily

Not suitable for individual use

2. Ultralight Java Drip

The Ultralight Java Drip clamps suspend it over your cup so you never have to worry about over-steeping your coffee and ruining its taste. It’s incredibly lightweight at only 1.1 ounces.

Additionally, it comes with its own filter and it rinses clean quite easily. Perfect for a camper on a budget or lack of space.

The clamps are quite fragile. They’re prone to unhooking and can cause the machine to tip over. It’s not suitable for large groups and is best enjoyed on your own.

Great value
No need for filters

Hard to use

3. GSI Outdoor Collapsible Java Drip

The GSI Outdoor Java Drips’ collapsible design makes it incredibly portable. Easy to use, it’s a standard pour-over drip coffee maker.

The coffee it makes doesn’t taste as good as some of the other coffee makers we’ve listed. Pooling water causes over-steeping and sometimes a slight taste of silicone can be detected.

This non electric pour over coffee maker is best for backpackers and hikers who will love its collapsible, easy-to-pack feature.

Wide base fits most mugs and pots
Collapsible and easy to pack
Can make 12 cups for large groups

Mediocre taste
Heavier than similar coffee makers

4. Stanley Classic Perfect Brew Pour Over Set

The Stanley Classic Perfect Brew Set is a stainless steel pour over coffee maker that is incredibly durable and comes with its own filter.

At 9.6 ounces it’s on the heavier end. It’s also a bit bulky, so packing it is more difficult. Occasionally, fine coffee grounds will make their way through the filter.

It’s ideal for campers looking for a home-kitchen quality cup of coffee at the campground.

Includes filter
Great flavor

Bulky to pack
Fine grounds end up in coffee

5. Primula Coffee Brew Buddy

This little pour over coffee maker brews great-tasting coffee while being small and light enough to fit easily in a backpack. You also won’t need to pack filters.

It’ll only make one cup at a time, and it location of the filter makes it easy to over-steep your coffee if you let it sit for too long.

Solo hikers looking to start their day with a cup of coffee will love this coffee maker.

No filter
Good taste

Not suitable for large groups
Prone to over steeping

6. Kalita Wave Dripper 185 for 3-4 people

This high-quality pour over coffee maker is perfect for the campground or even your kitchen. TheKalita Wave Dripper is lightweight and makes a great-tasting cup of coffee.

It doesn’t fold flat so fitting it in a backpack isn’t easy. You’ll also need to buy Kalita’s filters.

TheKalita Wave Dripper is best for small groups or solo travelers.

Fast brewing
Easy to clean

Requires specialty filters
Limited brewing capacity of 2-4 cups

7. Clever Coffee Maker

It’s the little things that make this coffee maker special. A little valve controls the flow of coffee, so it doesn’t spill when it’s not attached to a cup and a lid keeps the coffee warm while it brews.

Its irregular size isn’t compatible with many coffee cups or thermoses.

The Clever Coffee Maker is best for campers seeking full-bodied coffee will approve of this one.

Great price
Valve to block the coffee flow
Amazing flavor

Awkward size
No insulation

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How Do You Make Drip Coffee When Camping?

Making drip coffee at a campground is a lot like making it home. Heat the water over the campfire, making sure it doesn’t boil, and then pour it into your coffee maker.

How Do You Use a Coffee Percolator for Camping?

To use a percolator while you’re camping, you’ll first fill it with water and then load your grounds in the basket.

Next, you’ll boil the water over the fire or camp stove. Once you notice it boiling, lower the heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Be sure to keep an eye on the coffee, so it doesn’t percolate for too long and end up bitter-tasting.

Are Plastic Pour Over Coffee Makers Safe?

When plastic is heated, it can release a toxic chemical called Byhepnol A (BPA). You should always invest in a BPA-free pour over drip coffee maker.

There are several available, and it’s usually denoted right on the packaging.

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Enjoy Your Cup Of Joe

Which is the Best Drip Coffee Makers for Camping?

All in all, we consider the Eureka Camp Coffee Maker the best overall drip coffee maker for camping. It has everything you’d be looking for.

It makes a great-tasting cup of coffee and it’s easy to pack with all of its nesting components.

Perfect for when you’re camping with friends and family. Plus, it’ll boil water faster than any other camping coffee maker.

The Eureka is the best non electric coffee maker for camping.

Be safe out there!


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