9 Best Vacuum For RV Carpets, Flooring, and Overall Living

You can stop your search for the best vacuum for RV cleaning here. We’ve tried the rubber carpet cleaning tools, but they require too much muscle, time, and energy.

I just don’t have the energy to scrub like that weekly or even bi-weekly. The thought is daunting alone, so getting an RV vacuum was our best bet.

RVs can get dirty quickly due to size, parking around dirt, and basic living. Especially if you have pets in your RV!

Here we cover What is the best vacuum for travel trailers? and Features to consider when you search for the best vacuum for RVs.

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best vacuum for RV

RV Vacuum Types:

  • Handheld vacuum
  • Central vacuums
  • Wet vacuums
  • Canister vacuums
  • Stick vacuums

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9 Best RV Vacuum Reviews

1. Dyson V8 Absolute

Pet hair, feathers, and litter will suck right up! The attachments are fast and easy to change out.

It can easily pick up long hairs, furballs, dirt, sand, pebbles, and other debris. The capacity of the dirt cylinder is plenty.

You can get the most out of its suction power when using the “Max Suction” feature. Keep in mind the run time will be shorter on Max.

The Dyson V8 Absolute has several washable parts. You never have to worry about smells lingering in my vacuum.

There’s the Soft Cleaner Rolling Head that works on both hardwood floors and carpeted surfaces.

The Crevice tool that’s good for tricky shelf corners and making sure crumbs don’t languish between couch cushions.

It has a Mini Motorized tool that gives upholstered surfaces a deep clean and the Combination tool that reaches areas like vents and floor trims.

Plus, The Mini Soft Dusting Brush works like a microfiber cloth, picking up every speck of dust from surfaces, corners, and cabinets.

Other customers have expressed concern about the thin plastic but it does not take away from the Dyson V8 durability. Thicker plastic would only make it heavier and possibly more annoying to find storage.


  • Max Suction Button
  • HEPA Filtration to Capture Allergens
  • Wall Mount for Easy Storage
  • Animal Hair is No Match for The Dyson V8 Absolute
  • Cordless
  • Multiple heads from long to short for all needs


  • Takes a While to Charge
  • Battery Could Last Longer
  • Wall Mount only holds 2-3 heads
Dyson Product Docs (PDF)

2. Bissell Crosswave Wet-Dry Vacuum for RV

Second, on the best RV vacuum list is the Bissell Crosswave!

All the versatility you need in a vacuum for your RV or travel trailer vacuum. It may be a bit too tall for you a van but perfect for all other recreational vehicles.

Make sure to take the brushes apart after a few uses and clean them because they can get a bit messy. This includes sanitizing the tank.

You can wash and vacuum all around your rig. The Bissel Crosswave is a multi-surface vacuum that’ll cover carpets, area rugs, and hard floors.

It consumes 4.4 amps when running at full power, so it won’t exhaust your RV’s electrical system.

An alternative for travelers with pets is the CrossWave Pet Pro and for a bit more freedom, the cordless CrossWae Cordless Max.


  • Easy To Use and Assemble
  • Exteremly Effecive
  • Can Handle Dirt without Clogging
  • Great Suction
  • 28 Ounce Water Tank


  • The Floor and Carpet buttons are a bit too close
  • Cord Can Be Annoying
  • Doesn’t Edge Clean Well
  • Not The Most Compact RV Vacuum on the List
  • Expensive

3. Shark WV201 WandVac Handheld

Third, on the best vacuum for RVs list is the most lightweight handheld vac on the market 1.4 pounds.

The Shark Wand Vac does come with multiple tools to help you reach tight spaces throughout your RV.

The Duster Crevice Tool is great for cleaning under furniture, along baseboard edges, windows, etc.

Pet clean-up is a cinch! It seems as Shark Rock learned from its popular Ultra-light model with TruePet Motorized brush because this model also handles pet hair very well.

The Multi-Surface Pet Tool picks up pet hair from upholstery, floors, and other surfaces.

It has an Ion charge dock that relies on AC power and pulls up to 10.6 amps when it’s charging.

Because of its small cleaning path capabilities, we do not recommend this for large RVs. It just doesn’t cover enough space.

The Shark WandVac is definitely a good pick for small RV’s, travel trailers, and camper vans.


  • Extremely Light
  • Sucks up feathers, furballs, and dust in tight corners
  • Sleek and Compact
  • Cordless/ Lithium-Ion battery included


  • Small cleaning path. It doesn’t cover a lot of areas (3.6 inches wide)
  • Small Dustbin
  • Blows out lots of air so can be annoying trying to catch hair, dust, etc.
  • No Replaceable Battery
  • Kinda Loud
Alternative: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

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4. Black + Decker Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Next on the best vacuum for RV roundup is made by Black + Decker.

It’s one of the Best cordless RV vacuums on the list. The Black and Decker Max is powered by a lithium-ion battery at 20 Volts, this little vacuum can accomplish a whole lot of suction for a long time on a single charge.

With its mountable charging doc, it is the perfect fit for any size RV, TT, 5th Wheeler, or Van.

The Three-Stage Filtration System does well with preventing clogs and improving air exhaustion. The catchment container has a 15-ounce capacity which is plenty of space.

It’s an awesome vacuum but don’t forget to clean the filter, especially if you are only on the road part-time, it can be easy to forget to clean these things out for best suction and usage.


  • Adequate Suction
  • Wall Mountable Charging Doc
  • Cordless/ Li-Ion battery
  • Sleek and Compact
  • Rotating Nozzle
  • Three-Stage Filtration System


  • Filter Needs To Be Cleaned Regualrly
  • Short Battery Life
  • No Upright Stick
  • When folding the front you can experience some debris spillage.

5. Shark Rocket Ultra Light

It’s the best RV vacuum for deep cleaning and pet mess with its TruePet motorized brush.

Furry pets tend to shed leaving hair all over your RV, this vac will help you clean up after them.

Its rotating brush and suction are powerful enough at 400 watts to suck up hair, dust, paper, etc. The tools included with this Shark Rocket make it an all-rounder RV vacuum.

It comes with a dusting brush, which is great for tabletops and counter surfaces. The extended-reach stretch hose allows you to clean ceilings and curtains too.

There’s a 12-inch crevice tool, which is great for getting into corners and edges. Plus, the 15-foot power cord is a good length for stretching around your RV.

The Shark Rocker Ultra-Light is light but which Shark Rocket is the lightest? It’s the Shark Rocket Wand Vac which is next on the list!


  • TruePet Motorized Brush
  • Cleans Everywhere
  • Powerful Suction
  • Maneuverable
  • Filter is Washable


  • Can’t Remove the Dust Canister
  • Cord Doesn’t Retract/ No Cord Storage
  • No Storage for Tools

6. Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The best stick vacuum for RVs on a budget. Most importantly, it’s best for an RV without carpets or very low carpets.

It functions as a normal corded (18-foot) vacuum with strong suction and handles any kind of hard floor. The best feature, though, is the handheld vacuum you can detach to reach areas in those tiny spaces.

It’s also one of the best vacuum for RVs due to its convenience.

The Eureka Blaze offers three functions: handheld vacuum, stair vacuum, and stick vacuum. Its steering mechanism makes maneuvering the vacuum incredibly easy, particularly around tight corners and RV interiors.

The 2 amp motor is very powerful and sure to pick up anything that you don’t want lying around.


  • Crevice Tool
  • Swivel Steering
  • Modified with a Handle for Floors
  • Lightweight
  • Detaches To a Handheld


  • Not Good for High Carpets and Shag Rugs
  • No replacement Filters
  • Need to Wash Filter

7. Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

One of the Best wet vacuum runners for RVs and cheaper than the Bissell Crosswave. If your RV, Camper, or Travel Trailer doesn’t have carpet, this is for you.

The Tineco is a powerful all-in-one RV cleaning tool. In addition to working as a standard upright vacuum, the iFLOOR can clean up the water and be used as a mop.

This cordless vacuum has 22 minutes of run time. With only a 0.4-liter dirty water tank this vacuum cannot handle as large of leaks as other wet-dry vacuums.


  • Self Cleaning Roller
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Maneuver
  • Mop and Vacuum


  • Needs More Pressure to Tough Stains
  • Not the best for carpets
  • Small Tank: Need to empty tank often
  • Requires a bit more clean up afterward

8. Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Canister Vacuum For RV

The only canister RV vacuum and the best when on a budget. When using this for your RV their is no other tool needed.

The 30-foot power cord that comes with this vacuum means you’ll have enough range to clean most of your RV while attached to a single outlet.

Although some longer RVs might require you to change outlets at least once to really do a thorough cleaning.

In addition to that, this vacuum has a 5-foot flexible slinky hose with a telescoping extension wand for added reach.

No need to overstretch or over-stress your body!


  • Great Suction
  • Long Heavy-Duty Cord
  • Flexible Tube Hose
  • Dusting brush, hardwood & Laminate accessories, and Upholstery Tool Included


  • Heavy- but thats to be expected with an Oreck
  • Shoulder Strap Issues

9. HP 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System

Best central vacuum system out there. With a capacity of one gallon, this RV vacuum can hold a lot of dirt and debris.

It features HEPA bag filtration and swiftly eliminates allergens, dust, and dirt.

The motor automatically resets itself without overloading or overheating. It comes with a dusting brush, a 10-inch rug/floor tool, a mesh tool bag, and crevice tools.

Another reason this vac is on the best RV vacuum list is that it comes with reversible bags to hold the gathered trash.

Once the entire unit is installed you won’t have to move it every time you need to empty the container.

After a one-time installation process, you can enjoy permanent convenience with this central vacuum system.


  • It’s a Central Vacuum
  • Expandable Hose Length (7 Feet to 35 Feet Long)
  • Can absorb up to a gallon of ashes, pet fur, and debris.
  • It comes with an adjustable wand, rug and floor tool, and more.


  • Requires Additional Tools To Install
  • Set-up may take time
  • Can only order bags online

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Picking The Perfect Vacuum For Your RV: Features To Consider

Take a look at the list below, revisit the best RV vacuum list above, and from there prioritize which features fit your needs.

Collection Capacity:

The collection capacity of an RV vacuum determines how often you need to empty it. If you don’t mind emptying the RV vacuum multiple times, then the smaller collection capacity like a handheld vacuum probably won’t bother you.

Also, you need to think about your purpose. Are you planning to vacuum the entire Rig? is it for small jobs? carpet, flooring, or both?

The bigger space the more likely you’ll want to use an RV vac with plenty of space and cleaning path capacity. Cleaning space capacity refers to the width of the sucker… or nozzle.

You don’t want to spend hours trying to clean a carpet with a 1-inch wide nozzle. It would literally take hours to clean properly.

Flexibility and Running Time

Most RV’s are full of tight and awkward little spaces where webs, debris, fur, and dirt hide.

You want to pay attention to RV vacuums with extenders, brushes, and crevice attachments. Another sign of great flexibility is Wet vacs that can mop and vacuum!

Running time refers to the cordless RV vacuums that run on Lithium-ion batteries. You just need to keep in mind how much space you have and how much you need to clean.

Unfortunately, some labels are inaccurate (those usually aren’t the best vacuum for RV). We’ve had vacs that say 20 minutes of use but run for 30 mins. We’ve also used a vac that says 45 minutes but ran for 30 mins.

Size and Storage:

Size is directly related to storage, especially when considering finding space in your RV for another appliance.

Upright/canister vacuums and wet and dry vacuums tend to require the most storage space. Handhelds obviously require the least.

Still, there are stick vacuums on the list above that have wall mounts and mounted chargers.

Also, pay attention to the number of tools and accessories that come with the vac. Some are compact so they have self-storage features, but some don’t.

Ease Of Use:

Cordless/ handheld Lithium-Ion vacuums tend to be the easiest to use because they are the lightest and you don’t have to worry about the limitations that come with a power cord. Stick and Upright vacuums are usually heavier but don’t require you to bend down as much.

Washable Filters

Washable filters add to the convenience of your vac because you don’t need to constantly buy a new filter. You can always buy new filters if you choose but you may be on the road and not have the time.

Or, you don’t want to spend the money. Rewashing is always easier.

Suction Power

The issue with this is that no vacuum brand claims to have weak suction power.

From experience, we can say, as a rule of thumb, although handheld vacs give more flexibility when cleaning your RV. It does mean less power and cleaning time.

This is not to downplay cordless or handheld vacs. They are often on everyone’s best vacuum for RVs top 10 (including RVCampr’s) but we must keep suction power and running time in mind.

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FYI: Storage Options can be a plastic storage crate or Decorative garden hose hanger

How Do You Use a Central Vacuum on an RV?

Is A Central Vacuum Better than a Regular Vacuum?

No, a central vacuum is not better than a regular vacuum (Depending on your needs).

Central vacuums are typically larger and, offer 3-5 times more suction power when compared to regular vacuum units. So you get more power, yes, but less flexibility.

A regular vacuum has the power and flexibility to reach all types of crevices. The central vacuum on our list is the Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System.

What’s the Best Stick Vacuum?

The best stick vacuum is the Dyson V8 Absolute. Coming in at a close second is the Dyson Bissell Crosswave Wet-Dry Best Vacuum for RV

Which Cordless Vacuum has the Best Suction?

The cordless vacuum with the best suction is the Dyson V8 Absolute.
That’s one of the reasons it made it to the top of our list for the best vacuum for RVs.

What is the Most Powerful Cordless Handheld Vacuum?

The most powerful cordless handheld is the Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

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Cheers! To A Debris Free RV

Now that you know the best vacuums for RVs and what to look for when shopping, you know what to pick and what trade-offs you may have considered.

We covered 12V vacuum cleaner for RV, Good vacuums for RVs, Portable, upright vacuum, wet vacuum, central and canister.

All in all our top pick is the Dyson V8 Absolute.

But, our favorite is the Bissell Crosswave Wet-Dry Vacuum.

If the Dyson V8 Absolute isn’t tickling your fancy but you like some features, we encourage you to look for those features in another machine and get to cleaning.

Be Safe Out There!… for those looking to rent see RV renting prices for a few months.


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