RV Ice Maker: 5 Best Portable Ice Makers for RV Countertops

We tested the Igloo ICEB26 Ice Maker and found it to be the best RV ice maker. Its performance guarantees you an ice-cold drink after a tasking day of road trips, hiking, or whichever camping activity pleases you.

After “one of those days”, what’s better than chilled drinks to quench your thirst? *insert other things you like after a long day*.Here we are talking about ice cubes curated by the best portable ice maker for your RV.

If the Igloo Ice Maker doesn’t suit you, that’s fine we’ve got your back. We created a list of the 5 best portable ice makers for RVs and answered a few questions below.

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Benefits: Why Should I Buy a Countertop Ice Maker?

A countertop ice maker will change your daily lives for the better, and to make an informed decision, you need to look at its benefits.

  • They are portable, compact, take less space, and work anywhere provided a power outlet.
  • Makes ice fast, within ten minutes.
  • Eliminates the need for draining excess water. Unlike stand-alone ice makers that require draining of excess water, countertops recycle excess water.
  • Can produce large amounts of ice of up to 35 pounds within 24 hours. Their small storage of three pounds capability means you need to pour each batch to achieve total production.
  • Easy to use. You only fill the tank with water, switch it on, and in a matter of minutes, you get your ice. In the event you forget to switch off, the ice melts and is recycled.
  • A countertop ice maker provides a variety of output options by allowing you to select your cube sizes. The result could be bullet-shaped ice, turd ice maker, clear ice, nugget ice, sonic ice, pellet ice or larger ice cubes.

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Best RV Ice Maker Reviews

Our picks vary in size, price, and capability, but all produce fresh, clean-tasting ice cubes on demand. Check out the list below for the best portable ice maker for RV:

1. Igloo ICEB26: Automatic Self-cleaning Countertop Ice Maker

The Igloo ICEB26 is the perfect solution when you’re on the go. Its efficiency and ease of use features make it the most sought-after RV ice maker.

This portable RV ice maker makes up to 26 pounds of ice in a day. Its design occupies less space and is perfect for RVs.

An automatic shut-off feature prevents overflow or spills due to excess production. In addition, the removable basket lets you quickly empty the unit of its contents and clean it thoroughly.

2. IKITCH Portable Ice Maker

The IKITCH Portable Ice Maker is the first of its kind. This innovative RV ice maker can produce up to 10 pounds of ice every day and has a pressed design that makes it easy to store.

The IKITCH produces clear, clean-tasting ice cubes that melt slowly. It is ideal for use in RVs because it doesn’t require plumbing or an external water source.

Instead, you fill its reservoir with water. It is quick and can make ice within the first six minutes. Its extra features include an ice basket and a scoop.

3. Frigidaire EFIC206

Frigidaire EFIC206 is a portable ice maker capable of producing up to 26 pounds of ice in one day. In addition, it has an ice storage bin that can hold up to 2.5 pounds of ice.

The product dimensions are 17 x 20 x 25 inches and weigh about 71 pounds. The Frigidaire EFIC206 portable ice maker comes with a drain pump that allows the user to drain water from the machine quickly.

It also has anti-slide rubber feet for added safety and stability while operating it and a removable bucket lid.

4. NutriChef Ice Maker and Dispenser

The NutriChef portable ice maker is the ideal solution for your RV. It makes up to 10 pounds of ice per day to have a continuous supply of fresh ice on hand.

This unit is accommodative enough to fit on any countertop, and it’s easy to use. You only need to fill it with water and switch it on.

In addition, the NutriChef ice maker produces clear, clean-testing ice.

5. NewAir Portable Ice Maker

The NewAir AI-100R Portable Ice Maker produces up to 26 pounds of fresh, crystal clear ice in 24 hours. The ice maker has an attractive design that fits well with almost any RV décor.

Its compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use features make it a perfect companion for campers. It can produce three different types of ice cubes to fit a variety of glasses of style.

It is easy to use as it only involves filling the water reservoir, and it has an indicator that alerts you when it runs out of water.

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How Do You Troubleshoot a Portable Ice Maker?

For troubleshooting purposes, check the water level in the ice maker and make sure there is enough water in your freezer. Clean out any debris from around the ice maker.

Ensure that you are using water that is safe to drink.

Replace any broken parts on the machine, such as an impeller blade or a solenoid valve. Check for water leaks, and ensure that all connections are tight and secure.

Do RV Refrigerators Have Ice Makers?

Yes, most newer RV refrigerators come with built-in ice makers. Some older models won’t have one.

How Do I Use a Portable Ice Maker?

Your portable ice maker is adaptable to anywhere, as long as you have an electricity source. Pour water into its reservoir and confirm its fill levels are proper to set it going.

Water is then pumped and circulated to top trays. Essentially the whole process is automatic except for water filling, which is a manual process.

Do Portable Ice Makers Need a Water Line?

Portable ice makers function without a water line. They do not need one, but its unit reservoir holds water and does great ice production.

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Lets Put This One Ice…

Choosing the best portable ice maker for your RV depends on how much space you have, cost, speed, features, and design that suits your camping lifestyle.

With that being said, the Igloo ICEB26 is a high-end automatic self-cleaning RV ice maker with convenient safety features. Given its affordability and high-quality components, the Igloo is one of the best portable ice makers for RVs.

It checks all the boxes.

Whichever RV Ice Maker you choose, we hope it adds comfort and convenience to your day.

Have a good one!


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