7 Truck Stop Etiquette Tips: Can You Sleep At Truck Stops?

When planning your trip it’s natural to consider stopping and sleeping at rest and trucker stops. I mean they seem like the most accessible to the road and can be really convenient.

To question “Can you sleep at a truck stop” is also natural because it’s called a “truck stop” not an “RV Stop”.

Still, It seems like there shouldn’t be a problem. The two vehicles share other Stops like Home Depot to rest at night.

Nonetheless, we are here to answer that question and provide a few tips on the topic.

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Can You Sleep At Truck Stops?

Can You Sleep At Truck Stops?

Yes, you can sleep at truck stops. How long you can sleep depends on the specific truck stop.

So, can RV’s park overnight at rest stops? Yes, RVs can park overnight at rest stops. Over the years Truck stops have converted to travel centers for all road warriors.

Travel Trailers, carpools, fifth wheels, and cross-country adventures of all kinds stop to rest in these spots. Some truck stops have parking designated for RVs. Even if the RV area is packed they’ll give up a Truck spot.

That truck stops often Good Sam’s fuel benefits. Check for other RV Club benefits

The problem is over time eighteen-wheelers have found it increasingly difficult to find parking or rest because of the popularity of these stops. They are forced to reroute which may put them behind schedule or keep driving while exhausted.

Truckers are tracked electronically, they are mandated by law to stop driving after eleven hours. They MUST stop. This also means they don’t have a place to sleep, eat, do laundry, stretch, etc.

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Can You Run A Generator At A Truck Stop?

Yes, you can run a generator at a truck stop. Truck stops are noisy places with engines and fridge units running, so you’ll fit right in.

If you’re worried about making too much noise we suggest you try to park away from the crowd. Also, don’t keep it running all night, only fire it up when needed.

This leads us to …

7 Truck Stop Etiquette Tips:

  1. Keep Truck Stops in Your Arsenal: Make sure you park in an RV space.
  2. Ask Questions at the Truck Stop: Ask for the rules, permission, suggestions, location, best practices, etc. Some states do have strict rules regarding RV’s and overnight stay.
  3. Back Into Your Spot
  4. Don’t park in long spaces meant for big rigs
  5. Patron: Get gas, propane, snacks, etc.
  6. Have Water: Keep water in your freshwater tank or grab jugs.
  7. Get Blackout Curtains: Truck stops and rest areas are well lit and are full of bright light for safety reasons. Don’t let their light disturb your sleep.

Here’s a downloadable Good Neighbor reminder

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Which States Allow Overnight Parking in Rest Areas?

Here are 6 states. Double-check before parking, rules may have changed since this post.

  • California
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • Oregon
  • Ohio
  • Washington State

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Get Some Rest and Be Safe…

Now that you know “Can You Sleep At Truck Stops?” keep these things in mind.

Although you can sleep overnight at a truck stop, doesn’t mean it should be your first resort or your second. This doesn’t mean if you get lost or tiredness hits you that you should avoid truck stops entirely.

It simply means that you should exercise all your options as an RVer.

Options for no-cost overnighting include Walmart, K-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Cabelas, and Camping World. Not all of these overnight lots are affected by city ordinances.

Then, there are RV Clubs that provide campground memberships and discounts. You can also utilize RV planning apps that help you find campgrounds and plan routes.

At the end of the day… Be courteous to your fellow traveler and drive safely.


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