RV Safety 101 ~ AAA vs Good Sam: Which is worth it?

Are you an RVer battle with picking a winner in aaa vs good sam? Do you frequently drive your RV on long trips? If so, you know how important it is to have a good roadside assistance plan. But which one is the best? Good Sam vs AAA aka Triple A? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

AAA vs Good Sam - Is Good Sam the same as Triple A?

Which one is better for RVers, Good Sam or Triple A?

For many RVers, the Great Debate of Good Sam vs AAA can be considered a classic matchup.

Good Sam offers membership for as little as $29, and with that comes unlimited roadside assistance and up to 3 free tows in a 12-month period, which is great for travelers who head out long distances from the safety net of home.

On the other hand, AAA has many benefits that Good Sam does not offer; it provides discounts on campgrounds and hotels, as well as car insurance.

When it comes to Good Sam vs AAA both have valuable benefits but when it’s time to decide which one is better for RVers traveling long distances Good Sam may be the way to go given its roadside assistance and up to three included tows per year.

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What are the benefits of each club?

Let’s look at a AAA vs. Good Sam club comparison to give a better understanding of how these two organizations benefit members differently. With a AAA club, you get a wide range of discounts and services, including a 24/7 roadside assistance program, discounts on fuel, travel planning services, and more.

A Good Sam membership offers a much larger network of camping and RV sites nationwide that are entitled to exclusive discounts and benefits. If you want to take your camping trips further afield and enjoy the great outdoors while saving some money in the process, then a Good Sam club might be right for you.

Whichever choice you make, both clubs offer great value for members and serve as a fantastic way to save money on everything from car-related repairs to accommodations when traveling.

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How do they compare in terms of price and coverage?

It’s the ultimate showdown between Good Sam and AAA: two of the most trusted RV roadside assistance providers on the market. But, if you’re trying to figure out which one is right for you, how do Good Sam and AAA compare in terms of price and coverage?

Good Sam offers a wide range of plans, ranging from as low as $71 per year to $180 per year, while AAA plans start at $62 annually and top off at around $129.

Both have emergency roadside coverage along with over-the-phone and online route planning help. Good Sam packages their emergency services with discounted camping options for Good Sam Club members only, which can work out great for families looking to make the most economical road trips.

When it comes to reliable emergency roadside assistance for your RV, either AAA vs Good Sam is sure to meet your needs.

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AAA vs Good Sam: Discounts on camping and RV parks?

RV campers, it’s time to get your wallets ready! RV living is all about finding the best deals, which is why RVers everywhere are debating the age-old question: which provides more discounts on RV camping, AAA vs Good Sam?

Good Sam boasts a 10% discount on RV camping sites while AAA offers a 20% discount. That’s why RVers turn to these two when they need last-minute discounts on their campsite arrangements.

RVers will have to decide for themselves which one works best for them and their needs but no matter what their decision is both provide incredible savings on RV camping stays throughout the year.

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How many tows do I get with Good Sam?

With Good Sam roadside assistance, you can have peace of mind during your road trip or camping getaway knowing that you’re covered for up to 5 tows! That’s double the roadside assistance limits offered by AAA and a great resource to have when driving.

With roadside assistance from Good Sam, you never have to worry about being left on the side of the road without any help. Enjoy your road trip knowing that in the event of a roadside emergency, Good Sam has got you covered!

How many tows do I get with AAA?

Are you a road warrior, living life behind the wheel and taking in all that life has to offer? Then you definitely need to know how many tows you get from AAA.

What’s the difference between Basic and Plus? With AAA Basic coverage, you can count on a total of four tows per year for yourself and anyone else in your household.

But with plus, the sky is the limit! You’re eligible for up to 100 miles of service per tow anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, as well as a free camping site and RV/trailer towing up to 10 miles! What better way to take that dream road trip or plan your next big move?

Jumpstart your journey with an AAA membership today!

Stay Safe My Friends

In conclusion, both Good Sam and AAA offer great benefits for RVers, and choosing which one is better depends on your needs and budget.

Good Sam has exclusive discounts offering up to 10% off camping, RV parks, and more, as well as a smaller upfront payment compared to AAA.

AAA offers roadside assistance for both RV and non-RV-related issues with a wider service area than its competitor.

Both clubs are easy to join, but Good Sam is arguably easier to use its benefits. No matter which one you choose, you will have access to incredible deals that will help enhance your RVing experience. Choose the best coverage for your needs; we hope you found it here! W

ith the right club membership in place, all that’s left is packing up your family and hitting the open road for a camping adventure of a lifetime!


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