How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV Cross Country?

First, can you rent an RV to drive across country? Yes, you can rent an RV to drive cross country. It’ll be a blast, traveling cross country on the wide-open road is something that many people dream of doing.

Second, How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV Cross Country? It’s not a simple answer, there are many variables we need to consider to come up with a dollar amount that makes sense.

Here we will go over the potential fees and expenses you’ll need to factor into your budget like campsite fees, gas, and food on top of the initial rental fee, plus any traveler’s insurance to cover potential COVID expenses.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV Cross Country

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV Cross Country?

It costs between $2,500 to $3,500 to rent an RV Cross Country, that’s if we are talking about a cross country RV rental one way, double the cost if we are talking about a round trip. Some RV rental companies like Cruise America require a $300 reservation down payment and a one way drop free.

This estimate will differ based on your plans to get back home and what you require along the way. That’s what we dive into for the rest of this post.

How can you stay comfortable on such a long road trip? Traveling in an RV can give you the freedom of the open road while keeping the comforts of home with you on your journey.

So, what will you need to be comfortable in the RV? Beds, French Press, Portable AC, campsites, etc. you’ll need to cover the cost of all your food and any cleaning supplies you need to keep the interior and exterior in tip-top shape.

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Other Fees & Prices to Consider

Rentals by Type (Average Rental Chart)

Luxury RV rental prices are different from standard RV rental prices.

Class A RV$175 to $350 per night
Class B RV$100 to $225 per night
Class C RV$125 to $250 per night
Fifth Wheel Camper$150 to $250 per night
Travel Trailer$75 to $150 per night
Pop Up Camper$75 to $100 per night
Campervan$100 to $200 per night
Toy Hauler$99 to $180 per night
Truck Camper$100 to $250 per night
Types Of RVAverage Rental Prices

Finding Places to Camp

And, of course, this comes with a cost. Campsite fees are in the $25 to $100 per night range. You can find RV Park at a similar rate.

To save some money, you can join an RV club to cut costs or go the free route and hit the road boondocking.

Amenities included

Basically, the more comfortable your RV, the more expensive your cross-country trip will be.

Amenities can include a full kitchen, bathroom, and several beds. This can also include Kayaks, coffee makers, bike racks, canoe racks, propane, grills, RV air conditioners, backup cameras, etc.

Gas & Mileage Offered

Filling up an RV can put a dent in your budget, it’s not like filling up a Sedan. Class A motorhomes can hold up to 150 gallons, other Class A motorhomes can average 100 gallons of fuel.

You may deal with a Recreational Vechile rental company or owner who implements mileage restrictions and charge an extra $.25 to $.75 per mile.

There is often an additional fee for RVs returned without a full tank. Gasless return will cost you the amount to filler up and the additional $20-$50.


These prices vary as well, but if you rent with Outdoorsy you’ll automatically get up to 1 million dollars in insurance protection.

You should also consider Trip Insurance or Damage Protection since your renting to drive cross country. The longer you drive the RV the more opportunity for mistakes to be made.

Some owners will charge you a small fee to add you to their insurance. In other cases, you will be charged anywhere from $293.42 to $493.53.

From there you have the option to add other policies.

Whichever RV rental company you choose, make sure to read the fine print. And, ask a representative or the owner specific questions about insurance.

If you plan on renting a luxury RV, you want to look into purchasing Trip Insurance which can be an additional 7% of your total rental costs.


Yes, taxes. It’s never a fun topic.

How much taxes you pay are mainly based on what state you are renting from, not your permanent residence.

If you live in Oklahoma, but rent an RV in Ohio, you’ll pay Ohio sales taxes.

Best RV Rental for Cross Country Trips

What type of RV is best for a cross-country road trip? This is mostly based on preference but we can say for certain that small RVs aren’t ideal, especially when traveling with families or large groups. No need to be cramped.

Motorized RVs or drivable RVs (as opposed to towable RVs), like class A, class B, and class C motorhomes, are the best RVs to rent for long-term rentals.

The most popular RVs for long-term rentals or cross-country road trips are Class A RVs. They are built on a bus chassis, their size allows them to include a bunch of amenities and comforts such as kitchen area, bathroom, dining area, sleeping quarters, and plenty of storage space.

Second in line are Class B RVs which are smaller and are better on fuel than Class A models but still allow a couple of people to be comfy while traveling across America.

Finally, there is Class C RVs which are the smallest of the drivable RV models, but still a good option as an RV rental for a cross country trip. You still get some of the amenities you can get with a Class A and better gas mileage.

Although these three are the most popular and best RV cross country rental options, it is not uncommon to rent a towable RV if you are traveling alone or as a couple. Towable cross-country rentals are the best option when relocating.

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Note: What is a Towable RV? Towable RVs are Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheelers, Tear Drop Trailers and Pop-Up Campers. They are easily towed behind a sedan, truck, or SUV.

One Way RV Rental Cross Country

Can RVs be rented one way? Yes, RVs can be rented one way, which means you pick up the RV in one city and drop it off in another city. Most companies offer One Way RV Rental Unlimited Miles

So, either you’re relocating to a new city or you simply have driven down the coast and seen all the sights, landmarks, and parks you can see, you can definitely rent an RV cross country one way and fly home.

What is the Cheapest Way to Rent an RV One Way?

The cheapest way to rent an RV cross country is to use companies that are willing to pay you to transport their vehicles, it’s called a Relocation Rental.

Relocation rates and incentives vary, but it can be a little as $5 a day. You may just have to pay for gas, and of course, food or whatever extras your heart desires.

There are a few limitations with these relocation companies. Some companies charge for additional renters/drivers, don’t allow children, a certain amount of riders, or forbid pets.

Cheapest One-Way RV Rental Companies (Limited Options)

  • Apollo
  • Coseats
  • Imoova
  • Transfercar (more cars than RVs)

Best One-Way RV Rental Companies (Fewer Restrictions)

  • RVShare
  • Cruise America
  • Outdoorsy
  • El Monte RV
  • RV n GO

See RVshare vs Outdoorsy

5 Cross Country RV Rental Trip Tips

  1. Try to book in off-peak seasons to save money
  2. Online booking and use peer-to-peer RV rental
  3. Book your campground before the time
  4. Be careful when driving
  5. Plan meals for your trip

Wrapping Up

Cross country road trips are the ultimate American vacations. You’ll have to decide whether to drive it, tow it, or pick it up at your destination.

Now we know, how much does a cross country RV rental cost? It’s time to head over to one of the best RV rental companies, like Outdoorsy, and take your pick. If you’re looking to travel one way check for the One Way RV Rental Unlimited Miles offers.

Make sure to ask the Rig owner for a walk-through, details about the Rig like how to open the awning, where the sewer hose is stored, toilet types, and when the water was last sanitized.

Be safe on the road and take plenty of pictures!


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