3 Alternatives: Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped On The Ground?

Non-toxic RV antifreeze is the first thing you will need to winterize your RV to prevent the water system from freezing and bursting. But Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped on the Ground? How do you properly dispose of RV antifreeze?

Changing your RV’s antifreeze is crucial as it prepares your camper for cold weather. Winterizing protects your RV plumbing system from freezing.

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Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped on the Ground?

No, you shouldn’t dump RV antifreeze on the ground, even if it says it’s non-toxic and biodegradable.

Because it is a still chemical material, dumping RV antifreeze on the ground will be harmful to the environment on many levels.

Often, materials used in RV antifreeze are flammable too. Usually, governments provide a guideline on disposal methods of all types of RV antifreeze.

Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped on the Ground

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Why Should You Not Dump Antifreeze On The Ground?

You should not dump antifreeze in the ground because:
1. Contaminates groundwater
2. Causes chlorosis in grass and plants
3. Causes of lactic acidosis and metabolic acidosis in humans if ingested in large amounts
4. It may melt permafrost
5. It can be the cause of hematologic or blood-related problems in cats and dogs
The levels of toxicity of propylene glycol are up for debate. Though this non-flammable material is termed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by FDA- the US Food and Drug Administration if ingested a small amount, cases of its toxicity on humans, plants, and animals have been found.

Can RV Antifreeze Be Poured Into a Drain Hole?

Yes, RV Antifreeze can be poured into a drain whole when used on your RV water lines.

RV Antifreeze can be safely dumped down the drain, it’s non-toxic, and is in fact used in many cosmetics. Unlike automotive antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) which is toxic and should be disposed of safely.

So, in other cases, your engine coolant can be toxic and can negatively affect the bacteria used in water purification.

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What Should I Do If I Accidentally Spill My Antifreeze Outside?

Make sure to wear a mask and protective gloves to prevent yourself from inhaling the solution’s smell. It’s post-covid so you should have a mask nearby.

Get an absorbent substance like baking soda, sand, kitty litter, or flour to cover the spill.

Next, cover the material you used above with a disposable rag or paper towel. Allow it to rest, but not keep it there beyond 3 hours.

With a dry rag or paper towel, wipe and pick up the paper towel and material and put it in the sealable bag. Throw this bag in the trash, and ensure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Scrub that particular area with water and soap. Air-dry the wet area, or you can place paper towels or newspaper for quick drying

Will RV Antifreeze Kill Grass?

No, RV Antifreeze will not kill the grass. Quality propylene glycol won’t kill your grass or your animals if they accidentally ingest a small amount.

If it’s good you don’t have to worry about your antifreeze’s toxicity level. It all depends on the principal ingredient, so pay attention to what type of antifreeze you are using.

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RV Antifreeze Disposal: How To Properly Dispose of RV Antifreeze?

Go to an auto service station or parts store where you can dispose of antifreeze safely.

3 Alternatives to dumping on the ground. This is how to properly dispose of RV antifreeze:

Reusability of RV Antifreeze – Use excess RV antifreeze on other vehicles after asking about compatibility.

Facilities That Recycle RV Antifreeze – Contact your local waste management facility. Ask if they can give you information on RV antifreeze recyclers.

Find a Place That Can Dispose of RV Antifreeze Safely – Call your RV manufacturer and ask if they can dispose of RV antifreeze or a local car parts shop.

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Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped On The Ground? Wrapping Up

Now spread these proper RV antifreeze disposal methods to your fellow RVers, when they ask “Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped on the Ground?”, you can belch an astounding, no!

Let everyone who will listen know why people don’t dump antifreeze on the ground. Be safe out there and come back anytime. We hope to continue being a resource for you.

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