How Much Does It Cost To Rent an RV for a Month & Save

First, “Can you rent an RV monthly?” Yes, you definitely can! and what better way to travel on an extended getaway.

Secondly, “How Much Does It Cost To Rent an RV for a Month?” $1,750 to $10,000 (Plus Tax and additional fees). That number represents the average RV rental cost per month.

So, you want to rent an RV for a month, If you’re thinking “Tell me the average RV rental cost per month”, that’s what we created this post to accomplish.

Here we answer a few frequently asked questions, the benefits of renting long term, and the other fees associated with renting an RV for a month.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent an RV for a Month?

How Much Does It Cost To Rent an RV for a Month?

The average monthly rental prices range from $1,750 to $10,000 (including tax). You have a gambit of options to choose from, whether you’re aiming to rent a towable or drivable RV.

Keep in mind, because it is a long-term rental, many RV owners will negotiate with you. The longer the rental agreement, the more room to negotiate.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent an RV?

Class A RV$175 to $350 per night
Class B Motorhome$100 to $225 per night
Class C Motorhome$125 to $250 per night
Fifth Wheel Camper$150 to $250 per night
Travel Trailer$75 to $150 per night
Pop Up Camper$75 to $100 per night
Campervan$100 to $200 per night
Toy Hauler$99 to $180 per night
Truck Camper$100 to $250 per night
Types Of RV Average Rental Prices

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Other Fees & Prices to Consider While Renting an RV For A Month

RV Rentals by Type:

You want to start thinking of the type of rig you want to rent for your trip. See the chart above with the average prices per night and multiply that by 30 days.

A 2021 Class A Luxury motorhome will cost more than a 2017 towable Travel Trailer. Figuring out which RV you want is a huge decision that will determine your overall costs.

Mileage/Price Per Mile:

Try to opt for a rental agreement with unlimited mileage.

You may come across a deal with an allotted mileage amount and have additional charges for every mile you go over. Mileage charges range from $0.25 to $1.00 a mile.

RV Campground Rates:

Campsite fees can range from $25 to $100 per night. You can find RV Park at similar rates.

To save some money, you can join an RV discount club or hit the road boondocking or dry camping (which is free).

Cleaning Fees:

Similar to Airbnb, RV owners tend to charge a cleaning fee. Just return the RV in good shape for the next renter and these fees shouldn’t be an issue (still, always discuss the cleaning fees with the owner so cleanliness expectations are clear.)

The cleaning fees range from $50 to $100.

They may also call it a “Prep Fee” to get the Rig in tip-top shape for the next renter.

RV Rental Insurance:

RV rental insurance prices vary as well, but if you rent with Outdoorsy you’ll automatically get up to 1 million dollars in insurance protection.

You should also consider Trip Insurance or Damage Protection since your renting for a month. The longer you have the RV the more opportunity for unpredictable things to happen.

Better to be insured than sorry. So, check if an insurance policy is included in the rental price to cover those unpredictable accidents or damages.


You will pay taxes in the state you’re renting the RV in, no matter where you live.

So, when you rent an RV online from your house in Tampa, but the RV rental is in St. Louis, you’ll pay St. Louis sales taxes.

Why Rent an RV for a Long-Term or Monthly Rental?

If you want to know how much does It cost to rent an RV for a month, you might as well know why it is beneficial to rent for a few weeks.

First and foremost, renting long long term is cheaper compared to short term rentals. You’ll save more money in the long run.

On average, the cost to rent an RV is up to $300 nightly and $400+ for a luxury RV. A longer-term rental will afford you a lower nightly rate, especially if you rent through a peer-to-peer RV rental company.

Unless the RV is your primary residence, it is always more beneficial to rent an RV vs Buying an RV. So, if you’re driving cross country you may need additional service or renting to secure temporary housing it can end up being more expensive.

Benefits of Long-Term Monthly RV Rental:

  • Test The Waters
  • Save Money With Discounted Rates
  • Test-Drive Different Models
  • No Maintenance Required
  • No RV Storage Prep

Where Can I Find the Best Deals for Long-term RV Rental?

You can use Outdoorsy’s RV search (or another peer-to-peer RV rental company) because Commercial RV rental dealers rarely offer long-term rental deals.

How do I find an RV rental by the month? You can search RV owners renting their rigs all over the US, contact owners directly, and talk about long-term rental periods.

Is It More Economical to Rent or Own an RV?

It is more economically beneficial to rent an RV before buying an RV; it is less risky an investment to purchase a brand new RV. Many people jump into buying an RV or Travel Trailer without knowing all it entails.

It is best to rent the type of RV you are considering buying, rent it for a month or a week. Really live in it, you’ll learn the road, poop pyramids, water filtering, and truck stop etiquette in real-time.

You want to understand what it cost to own an RV and maintain it before you consider buying one.

Overall, renting an RV for a month or a week is the best way to figure out what you want and don’t want in a Recreational Vehicle. Think of purchasing an RV as more of a progression than a one-shot deal.

Which Are The Most Popular RV Rental Companies?

  1. Outdoorsy
  2. RVshare
  3. Apollo Relocatin Specials
  4. RVezy
  5. Campanda
  6. Cruise America

Is Outdoorsy the best place to find monthly rentals near me? Yes, Outdoorsy is the best place to find monthly rentals near you. See RVshare vs Outdoorsy.

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Final Thoughts: RV Rental for a Month and its Rates

Now you’ve got the numbers and answer to “How Much Does It Cost To Rent an RV for a Month”. It’s awesome that you are planning to go on this journey. Whether you’re going to live in a stationary RV for a month or you’re taking a month road trip on the west coast – it’s all awesome.

So if you’re wondering, Should I get a monthly RV rental for my next trip? Yes, you should get a monthly RV rental for your next trip. Just make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s, to make the trip the most pleasant and efficient it can be.

I’ll leave you with 3 “How Much Does It Cost To Rent an RV for a Month” Tips:

  • Book RV & Campsites Online Ahead Of Time (Save money and time)
  • Book OffPeak (Save money)
  • Be Careful On The Road (That will save your money and your health)


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