7 Best RV Sewer Hose For Splash Reduce Dumping

Yikes! it’s time to empty that septic tank with the best RV sewer hose you can find online. Unless you’re an owner of an RV composting toilet, you’ll need a sewer hose to rid your rig of waste.

It’s time to buy a Stinky Slinky!

Hopefully, you’ve come here before creating a poop pyramid in your RV so you have plenty of time to breeze through this list and pick which RV sewer hose is best for you and your RVing needs.

When choosing our list we considered budget, quality, various attachments, ease to use & clean, as well as thickness/durability.

FYI: You may see "Mils" when shopping. The Mils is a unit of length equal to one-thousandth of an inch. In this case, we are referring to the mils of the vinyl which is the thickness. The higher the number the better the quality hose.

The 7 Best RV Sewer Hose List (Reviewed Below)

  1. Lippert Waste Master (20 Feet | 23 Mils)
  2. Camco RhinoFlex (20 Feet | 23 Mils)
  3. Camco Rhino Extreme (15 Feet | 24 Mils)
  4. Thetford Titan (15 Feet | 26 Mils)
  5. Valterra Dominator (2 x 10 Feet | 23 Mils)
  6. Valterra Viper (20 Feet | 25 Mils)
  7. Revolution 10′ Sewer Extension

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What is an RV Sewer Hose?

An RV sewer hose connects to your RV’s waste tank to assist in dumping your RV’s black and gray water tanks. In looking for what is the best RV sewer hose, they will be lightweight, durable, and have a high level of mils.

What Length RV Sewer Hose Should I Get?

We recommend getting a sewer hose that is 20 feet long. Many experts suggest getting a hose between 15 or 20 feet long, but all you need to know is if your hose doesn’t reach the rig’s sewage dump outlet, it’s not the hose for you.

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Top 5 Best RV Sewer Hose Reviews

1. Lippert Waste Master

The top sewer hose is the Lipper Waste Master. This 20-foot sewer hose collapses to 5 ½ feet for easy and compact storage.

Its design virtually eliminates the leaking issues associated with traditional hoses. The Waste Master utilizes a CAM lock system instead of the traditional bayonet-style fittings.

Lippert Waste Master sewer hose is permanently attached to your RVs drain outlet, using a special CAM lock connector. The CAM lock connector helps contain sewage and ensures a leak-free dumping experience.

No more disgusting messes!

A 90-degree discharge port allows you to connect to any sewage inlet easily. With a thickness of 23-mil, you’re getting a durable hose that will last a long time.

A heliacal coiled exterior is made to withstand punctures as well as the normal wear and tear that comes with RVing. If you like this RV sewer hose you should also look up the Lippert waste master storage box.


  • 23 Mil
  • Uses CAM locks instead of bayonet fittings
  • Built-in clear discharge viewing port
  • Leak-proof if used properly


  • More expensive than other sewer hoses on the market
  • If you have three waste-holding tanks, this isn’t for you. You may need a wye connector.

2. Camco RhinoFlex

Runner up on the RV sewer hose reviews is the RhinoFlex which is made of 23 mil polyolefin and reinforced with steel wire. It is conveniently stored as each 10-foot section compresses to just 39 inches.

So, the Rhino Hose easily compresses and stays compressed for storage. Just stretch it out to the desired length when in use.

This kit also includes a transparent 90-degree elbow to monitor proper flow (or you can look away).

It’s available in a 15-foot and a 20-foot waste drain hose kit (both ends swivel a full 360 degrees.) The Camco RhinoFLEX RV sewer hose is resistant to abrasion and puncture.


  • 23 Mils: Thick hose material
  • 90º clear elbow to view flow
  • Collapsable
  • The 4-in-1 adapter has multiple ‘steps’ allowing it to screw into most sizes of ground sewer connections


  • Strong, but can be crushed.
  • Uses traditional bayonet fittings which can be hard to connect/disconnect for those with weak hand strength.

3. Thetford Titan

Living up to its name, the Titan is a 15-foot rugged sewer hose that is incredibly durable and could be the best RV sewer hose on the list.

It’s designed from high-quality materials and features what every RV owner needs to benefit from increased sanitation.

The large grip allows you to keep your hands away from the sewer connection and ensure a secure connection. A grip like this is commonly only seen in more expensive products.

The proprietary TPE properties can help provide a high degree of puncture and abrasion resistance. The Titan excels in extreme temperatures; thus, you won’t have to worry if you live in a hot climate.

It is one of the toughest, longest-lasting, and longest RV sewer hose on the market and is of great value.


  • 26 mil
  • Durable TPE construction is crush-proof; even if you step on it, it will bounce back
  • Leakproof
  • Universal Fit Adapter
  • Large Grip Bayonet for Easy Use


  • It doesn’t compress much for storage.
  • Retains bent shape from packaging

4. Valterra Dominator

The Valterra D04-0275 comes with two 10-foot hoses, and you can use them together or separately. Its universal adapter connects to any sewage system.

The rotating fittings allow you to connect to your RV easily. Also, the poly construction will keep you safe from leaks.

This 15’ hose can recoil down to just 5’ long, making storage an absolute breeze. The accordion-style exterior is also UV-protected to keep the sun’s rays at bay.

Dominator weighs less than five pounds, yet packs the strength of 23 mil poly, a highly durable exterior that resists leaks and helps against extreme weather, both hot and cold.


  • 23 Mil
  • Very simple storage; the kit is versatile and easy to extend or collapse
  • UV protection prevents sun damage and color bleaching


  • Doesn’t work well with collar adapters
  • Can be difficult to clean

5. Valterra Viper

To complete the best RV sewer hose reviews is the Valteraa Viper which is Available in a 15-foot and a 20-foot septic hose kit, the Valterra sewer hose has tough, thick walls and an outer bead to resist abrasion, scuffing, and tearing.

The 25-mil tubing is wrapped with 135-mil protective beading to provide optimal strength. Don’t worry if you find yourself camping in colder temperatures; you can use this hose even at -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its 90-degree adapter fits into the ground sewer connector at your campsite or at a dump station. Yes, the adapter is clear so you can see what’s coming out of your tanks.


  • 25 mils
  • Not Crushable
  • 90º sewer adapter has clear viewing port


  • Doesn’t come with drip caps.
  • Uses traditional bayonet fittings.
  • End caps optional purchase

Where Do You Store RV Sewer Hoses?

So, where should an RV sewer hose be stored? somewhere where you and no one else has to see it, just kidding but seriously.

Storing your hose in your rear bumper is a common option but it’s not for everyone. You can purchase an RV hose carrier and mount it under your RV.

And, a third option is to get a sewer hose storage bag or bin. You basically use these bags or bins as a storage compartment that is built especially for these types of hose.

Note: Use End Caps When Storing the Sewer Hose

Do I Need an RV Sewer Hose Support?

Yes, you need to consider an RV sewer hose support. The main reasons are to protect your hose and get better flow.

When you kay your hose on the ground you expose it to concrete, gravel, and asphalt which are all rough surfaces that can easily damage your RV hose.

Your sewer hose support will cradle your hose and keep it off the ground. The longer it’s off the ground the longer you’ll have it.

As for better flow, when your hose sits on the gravel it creates twists and turns where the waste can get stuck.

Then you have to either lift the hose to help the waste along or you detach the hose thinking you finished and… your not (Ew).

What is the Longest Sewer Hose for an RV? The longest RV sewer hose is 20 feet long, like the Lippert Waste Master. You can make your sewer hose longer by purchasing a sewer extension. 

Recommended: Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Support

Our top choice for the best RV sewer hose support is the Camco Sidewinder which embodies all the important features mentioned below when considering a new RV sewer hose.

Its sturdy design makes sure that it will be in use for years to come and offers security against rust. The Camco’s flexibility allows it to curve around any obstacles that may come.

This hose support can collapse into a compact unit that won’t have any issue fitting inside your RV. It even comes with an orange custom-fit storage handle to make moving it around simple.

To top it off it can be used at RV dump stations as well as campgrounds.

What To Look For In an RV Sewer Hose Support?

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Length
  • Adaptability/ Flexibility
  • Easy To Use
  • Also, make sure your have a rv sewer collar (aka RV sewer donut or RV sewer ring)

Got It! Who Makes The Best RV Sewer Hose?

Pick from the top 3 if you have trouble narrowing down which hose you want to use to do the dirty deed.

You don’t want to end up like this guy:

You shouldn’t have this problem though. Each hose we reviewed is in the battle for the absolute best RV sewer hose. They have high mils, they’re flexible and easy to use.

But, to be clear our overall favorite and the best RV sewer hose is the Camco Rhino Flex.


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