9 Flushing Steps: Is RV Antifreeze Safe to Drink?

What happens if you ingest RV antifreeze

Is RV antifreeze safe to drink? That’s an interesting question that inspired us to write this post and answer a few other questions relating to consuming and using RV antifreeze. RV antifreeze is a specialized product, made to be non-toxic for your and your family and pet’s safety. Here we touch on drinking RV antifreeze, … Read more

Is RV Antifreeze Biodegradable?

Is RV Antifreeze Biodegradable

Is RV Antifreeze Biodegradable, or environmentally friendly? It depends on which type of RV antifreeze you are referring to when asking. Here are the two: There is general RV antifreeze which gets pumped through your water lines and your holding tanks. Then, there’s automotive antifreeze which is meant for the engines of any motor vehicle. … Read more

Top 7: Best Shower Heads for RV Living Reviews

best rv shower head for low water pressure

We reviewed 21 top rated RV shower heads on Amazon and found the PIH RV Handheld High-Pressure Shower Head to be the best RV shower head. Picking the right RV shower head will bring that “homey” feeling to your rig. It can also save fresh water and make the aftermath of your hiking, camping, or … Read more