How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV for 2 Weeks and Save?

In a previous post, we’ve hashed out how much it costs to rent an RV for a week trip, here we dive into “How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV for 2 Weeks” and the answer is pretty similar.

Let’s start by saying, it’s not that simple, getting to and through the open road will cost more than 2 weeks of rent.

In the rest of the post, we will cover the weekly rental costs, other fees & prices to consider while renting an RV, and popular rental companies you should work with, or at least look into.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV for 2 Weeks?

RV rentals are priced per night, and bigger, newer RV’s will be more expensive. On average, a rental will cost $2,400- $4,000 for 2 weeks.

Of course, there are other factors we need to consider in our budget, like the size of the RV, model, campgrounds, RV parks, gas, cleaning fees, etc. More on those below.

how much does it cost to rent a motorhome for 2 weeks

What Affects the Price of an RV Rental?

  • The size and type of RV
  • The age of the vehicle
  • The time of the year
  • One Way vs Round Trip

Other Fees & Prices to Consider While Renting an RV:

Look at the Type of RV

Recreational Vehicles are many types of motorhomes and trailers, some towable and some drivable. After you choose which type of RV you need/want, then you choose which size you need and what model you want.

Size and model are huge factors in pricing. See chart above

We suggest you pick an older model. Older models can provide the same amount of comfort and space as a newer RV, minus the cost.

The bigger and newer the RV is, the more expensive the RV rental will be. The newer models are going to be over $100 more per night than the older models.

As well as the more gas you’ll have to pay.

RV Campground Rates

Campground fees can range from $25 to $100 per night, so let’s say $50 on average. You can find RV Park with similar rates.

To save some money, you can join an RV club like Passport America and book a campsite early or hit the road boondocking or dry camping (It’s free)

Campground fees can total to $700 if you stay in one place for 2 weeks without any club membership discounts.

RV Rental Insurance

If you rent with Outdoorsy you’ll automatically get up to 1 million dollars in insurance protection.

Trip Insurance or Damage Protection is also a good idea since your renting an RV for 2 weeks and, possibly, driving to different locations. When renting a stationary RV in an RV park or campground you may want to skip the Trip Insurance.

If you are planning on renting a luxury RV, you want to look into purchasing Trip Insurance which can be an additional 7% of your total rental costs.

Some owners will add you to their insurance for a small fee. In other cases, you will be charged anywhere from $293.42 to $493.53.

You also have the option to add other policies.

Whichever RV rental company you choose, make sure to read the fine print. And, ask a representative or the owner specific questions about insurance.


Do you pay for miles when you rent an RV? You don’t pay for miles with all RV rentals.

You won’t need to worry about this in most cases, many RV rentals have unlimited mileage.

But, if you happen to stumble upon an owner or company that rents per mile, you’ll likely be charged $0.25 to $0.75 per mile you go over.

Can you rent an RV with unlimited miles? Yes, you just have to look for the deal.


This only applies to RV renters who plan on camping out in the boondocks without any type of electrical power or hookups.

You will be using the power hookups at campsites whenever possible. But in certain situations or when you are on the road, you will be forced to use the generator. Most often in summer, it is used to run the A/C.

You can come across an owner who charges a flat rate for unlimited generator usage.

RV rental companies charge by the hour for the use of the generator. Typically, the rates fall around the $3.50 mark. Some operators may charge less.

Now, generator usage is something we cannot predict or plan for in advance. Conservative estimates would put it around 3 hours per day, especially in hot southern weather. This would come to around $140 for a 2 week-long trip.

Installation/Delivery Charges

When peer-to-peer RV renting, some owners offer to set up the RV at the campsite you’re occupying. Others require that they setup at the campsite you’d be occupying.

This fee averaging $150 to $200.


Some RV’s have crazy amenities, like multiple TVs and a huge dining area, but oftentimes that’s not what you need.

Write a checklist of everything that is important to you, like a bathroom and the number of beds there are available.

Keeping your requirements simple can help you find the best deals out there.

If you are planning on going for a long trip in a rental, here are some of the more necessary things to look for:

Cleaning Fees

Like AirBnB, if you decide to rent an RV for 2 weeks via a peer-to-peer RV rental platform, they often charge a cleaning fee. To avoid the extra cleaning fee, return the RV in good shape for the next renter (still, discuss the cleaning fees with the owner so expectations are clear.)

The cleaning fees range from $50 to $100

Booking Expenses

Booking the RV months before the peak season, you might be able to get lower rates. The system works similarly to airline tickets.

If you try and book one day in advance in peak season, you will be charged higher rates (if you even find an RV available).

Booking charges tend to be around $200 – $300.

Most companies ask for a refundable security deposit, charged based on the class of the RV. A baseline figure would be $500.


Who doesn’t love taxes?State Tax is usually factored into the quoted rental price of the RV.

Taxes you pay are based on what state you are renting from, not where your permanently reside. If you live in Kansas, but rent an RV in California, you’ll pay Californian taxes.


Committed to cooking your meals in the RV? You will be saving money with the right kind of planning. You can expect a weekly expense between $350-$500, depending on the number of people traveling.

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Which Are the Most Popular RV Rental Companies?

1. Outdoorsy
2. RVshare
3. RVezy
4. Cruise America

Why Are RVs So Expensive to Rent?

RVs are expensive to purchase, own, and operate, so in turn, they can be expensive to rent. Rigs come with a lot of expenses, a Class A is literally a mobile home with insurance, maintenance, and storage fees attached.

Luckily, you can rent from owners ahead of time to get a cheaper deal without sacrificing comfort.

Last Thoughts Before You Go

So, how much does it cost to rent an RV for 2 weeks? around $4,000 is how much you will spend on a 2-week trip.

This is just a rough estimate of how much it would cost. You can shave at least a thousand bucks by opting for a smaller RV, booking the RV and campsites early and off-peak, becoming an RV Club member, and planning your trip ahead of time (truck stops included).

But this figure should give you a good idea of the costs involved in an RV rental trip.

You may get deals with certain companies or owners because of the fact that you are renting an RV for 2 weeks. The longer the rental agreement, the better the deal, and the less expensive the trip.

Have fun and Be safe.


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