5 Tips: How To Quiet An RV Generator

A generator is a great tool when you’re an RVer, but How To Quiet An RV Generator when on a campground?

It allows you to have electricity wherever you may roam, giving you the opportunity to run your RV AC in the middle of the desert or heat up a cup of coffee in a Walmart parking lot. Even when boondocking, you may not have any neighbors to worry about but the noise is still annoying to you.

You rented an RV to drive cross country but a loud generator can ruin your entire trip. These quick tips to quiet an RV generator will keep you and everyone around you in good spirits.

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How To Quiet An RV Generator

How To Quiet An RV Generator

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How Do You Make A Muffle Box For A Generator?

Here’s what you’ll need to build your soundproof generator box using my recommended method. I have put the relevant Amazon links for each:

  1. Measure the generator. To build the box and add insulation, take the dimensions of your generator and add a few inches on either side.
  2. Cut the pieces out of the MDF. You’ll obviously need 6 pieces for each side, so make sure you’ve got enough MDF to complete the project. Use a right-angled ruler to ensure your measurements are straight and correct.
  3. Next, cut ventilation holes. Measure the diameter of the ventilation duct to get the right size.
  4. Cut one ventilation duct in the ceiling panel. This should be over in one corner. Cut the other hole in one of the wall panels, and the hole should be in the opposite bottom corner, so they’re almost diagonal.
  5. Then add a layer of mass-loaded vinyl to the inside of the panels. This should be glued directly to the MDF. Use Green Glue to seal the edges of each piece of mass-loaded vinyl to ensure they’re stuck down properly.
  6. Next, add a layer of foam mats. This doesn’t necessarily help with sound absorption, but aids sound reflection, which makes it harder for sound waves to bounce around inside the box.
  7. Same as with the mass-loaded vinyl, seal the edges with Green Glue for that extra bit of soundproofing.
  8. Assemble the box, securing the panels together with screws and Green Glue where needed. Attach the lid with hinges for easy access once the generator is inside.
  9. Finally, add the vents and seal them with Green Glue. Use some vent ducts to ensure the generator has a good air supply. Putting kinks in the duct will help deflect sound waves as they travel down it.
Can You Enclose A Portable Generator? Yes, you can enclose a portable generator. See above for examples, videos and instructions.

How Much Clearance Does A Generator Need?

3 to 5 feet is the optimal amount of clearance a generator needs.

Be Noise Free! Well, At Least Less Noisy

Combining each of the 5 ways on How To Quiet An RV Generator, you can really lower the overall noise level of your generator.

Isn’t the main objective of camping to get away from the city noise and appreciate the great outdoors? We hope that this article will help you keep your camping spot a bit more peaceful.

Be Safe!


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