3 Helpful Tips: Can You Live in an RV in Winter?

Can You Live in an RV in Winter?

There isn’t always a winter wonderland awaiting us from December 1st to February 28th. Sometimes it’s a cruel winter land, especially for our mobile homes, but can you live in an RV in winter? That’s exactly what we are here to dive into, along with a few other frequently asked questions regarding RVing in the … Read more

Is RV Antifreeze Toxic to Animals?

Is RV Antifreeze Toxic to Animals

Yikes! You accidentally spilled RV antifreeze, didn’t realize it and your pet may have gotten into a pool of potentially toxic antifreeze. Not until your dog licked a puddle of RV antifreeze did you ever think, is RV antifreeze toxic to animals? We are here to explore a few questions: Will RV antifreeze hurt pets? … Read more