Top 5: Best Portable AC For RV Reviews

portable air conditioning for your rv

Hot, humid, plus a lack of insulation calls for a bit of back for your conventional central air conditioner. That’s where the best portable AC for RV living comes in handy. Many RVers use them as a backup or assistant to their roof-mounted AC. Portable air conditioners can be small but pack all the heat … Read more

3 Alternatives: Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped On The Ground?

Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped on the Ground?

Non-toxic RV antifreeze is the first thing you will need to winterize your RV to prevent the water system from freezing and bursting. But Can RV Antifreeze Be Dumped on the Ground? How do you properly dispose of RV antifreeze? Changing your RV’s antifreeze is crucial as it prepares your camper for cold weather. Winterizing … Read more