3 Easy Methods: How To Unclog a RV Toilet Holding Tank?

When owning or renting an RV, there are a few common problems that will accrue on the road like truck stop etiquette issues, picking a generator for camping that doesn’t disturb the neighbors, dumping, and how to unclog a RV toilet holding tank?

Today we’ll tackle a few methods to help you deal with your clogged black tank. Here we lay out how we use boiling water to unclog RV toilet, Ice, and a magical water wand.

How To Unclog a RV Toilet Holding Tank?

1. Boiling Water:

This is one of many home remedies for unclogging your RV Toilet. A gallon of hot boiling water is perfect for breaking down solid waste in your black tank.

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2. Products To Unclog Your RV Toilet:

Next on the list of three methods of how to unclog a RV toilet holding tank products to make this process a little easier and faster. So, what is the best product to unclog your toilet?

An RV Toilet Snake can dislodge and flush stubborn waste in just 4 steps:

  1. Put the drain snake into the toilet and feel your way by wriggling the drain snake
  2. Once you have hit the clog turn the handle clockwise and twist until the snake hooks into the offending plug
  3. Keep twisting until you feel the clog break apart and fall through into the holding tank
  4. After you remove the snake, flush the toilet a few times to make sure the clog is gone

There are also chemicals to unclog RV toilets like Unique Tank Cleaner Liquid.

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3. Ice Ice Baby:

Another home remedy for unclogging the black tank is cold Ice. It’s an RVer trick that has been passed down for years.

Dump an entire bag of ice down your toilet and take a drive once all the valves are closed. Yes, go for a drive, make sure you hit all the bumps your rig can handle for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Finally, check your black tank. The ice should have broken through the solids that clogged your tank.

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How To Unclog a RV Toilet Holding Tank

How Do You Dissolve Toilet Paper in an RV Black Tank?

To dissolve toilet paper in an RV black tank should use a waste digester or Unique Tank Cleaner Liquid. With the latter chemical, you can leave more than twelve hours so that it completely liquefies all the solid waste.

If your RV black tank clogged with toilet paper doesn’t budge after using chemicals, you can also use the RV toilet snake

Can You Use a Plunger on an RV Toilet?

No, you can not use a plunger on an RV toilet because clogs in an RV toilet system occur once the material has reached the tank which is too far for the suction of the plunger.

Using a plunger will do nothing to push the waste out. It may damage the seals in the bowl of the toilet.

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How Long Does RV Toilet Paper Take to Dissolve?

In about 7 minutes, the paper should start to break down. You should be able to see it start to fall apart.

What is the Difference Between RV Toilet Paper and Septic Safe Toilet Paper?

RV toilet paper is designed and manufactured so that it breaks down or dissolves easily and rapidly. You can still you regular toilet paper it just may be the cause of constant clogging.

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Cheers to Being Clog Free!

You got it. Now you know how to unclog a RV toilet holding tank without calling a pro.

Although, there is no shame in calling a pro to help with anything related to your rig maintenance or RV plumbing.

At the end of the day, we hope you never have to deal with a clogged toilet again. No one likes the petrified poop pyramid.

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